Beverage Premixes

What are our Premixes?

At Tpak we supply 3 premixes, coffee premixes, tea premixes and cocoa premixes. These premixes are perfectly calculated bags of the required ingredients to make the necessary amount of servings per tea break.

Each bag contains the exact measurement of either tea, coffee, or cocoa and includes the correct mixture of sugar and powdered milk to add to boiling water and serve.

Our beverage premixes come in customized sizes for each unique client. Wether the client needs 40 servings, or 80 servings per break, our premixed packs are pre-calculated to make the required servings instantly.

What is the benefit of ordering my Premixes from T-Pak?

T-Pak Distributors are manufacturers & suppliers of quality ready-mixed CocoaTea and Coffee Premixes.

Over the passed 25 years, we have perfected our beverage blends to ensure up to 40% savings on monthly office consumables. Moreover, our premixes are formulated in such a way as to ensure putting a stop to theft, pilferage and wastage. By using our beverage premixes businesses will no longer be subjected to catering for staff members who tend to abuse "free office tea and coffee".

Our Premixes come in various different packages and sizes to suite each of our client's needs and are orderable over 3 delivery periods, weekly, bi weekly and monthly.

We take care in ensuring that each order is delivered in perfect condition and delivery is made timeously with the utmost care for exceptional customer service.