Cocoa Premixes

What are Cocoa Premixes?

Our pre-packed Cocoa Mixes contain a combination of Cocoa Powder, Sugar and Creamer and can also contain zero sugar or creamer if required. They are custom packed into your specific sizes, so that there is zero wastage. Whether you are serving 5 or 500 employees, a Premixed Cocoa bag can instantly create the exact amount of servings required per tea break.

Cocoa Premix Beverage With Urn
Cocoa Premix Packaging

Benefits Of Using Cocoa Premixes For Your Staff

With our secret formula which has been perfected over the course of 25 Years of being a Tea and Coffee Company, Our Cocoa Beverage Premixes will help you effectively manage your office consumables, putting a stop to Theft and Pilferage and still keeping your employees happy and content with their steaming hot cup of cocoa.

By using our premixes which are scientifically calculated bags of cocoa, mixed with the correct measure of sugar and creamer, all that is left to add is boiling water, to make the exact number of required servings. Staff spend less time making cocoa and more time driving profits to ensure businesses get their money's worth out of paid salaries.

By making the correct amount of servings per tea break, companies benefit from less wastage and can easily monitor over consumption which is common in environments where "free" beverages are served or available on a "help yourself" basis.

Why choose Cocoa Premixes?

Cocoa is one of the most popular hot beverages to sip on during the cooler winter days as well as a nice mid morning drink during your tea or lunch break. Although this can be an office favourite it can also become a costly affair for your company.

At TPak, we supply staff ration packs to help lower these costs and make up for common losses, by eliminating theft, pilferage and wastage, so each company or business owner may have peace of mind when catering for required staff beverages


TPak Distributors will go the extra mile for all our customers based within Kwa-Zulu Natal and Deliver For FREE (IF Your Company Is Based In Kwa-Zulu Natal.) For customers further afield we offer very comparative transportation costs within South Africa.

10lt & 20lt Sample Cocoa Premixes