Coffee Premix

What are Coffee Premixes?

Our expertly prepared Instant Coffee Premixes are a mixture of science, art and enormous amounts of passion, throwing both your employees and your company a lifeline with the quality product you can count on.

Our coffee premixes are perfectly calculated, customized bags of coffee mixed together with the correct amount of sugar and creamer to make each client's exact number of servings. Whether it be 5 coffee servings or 500, with our bags of coffee, simply add boiling water and serve. 


How can Coffee Premixes save money?

At T-Pak our Premixes are formulated to Save Money without compromising on taste. Through our 25 years experience as a Tea and Coffee Company, we have managed to come up with a formula for our Instant Coffee Premixes which not only taste great but are both simple to use and save your company money by:

  • Eliminating theft of coffee, sugar and creamer
  • Putting an end to pilferage which is a common factor in any work environment based on the mindset of, "If the coffee is free, make the most of it."
  • Minimising wastage. If the exact number of coffee servings is made during each break, there is not much room left for wastage.

Not only do our premixes physically save on monthly office expenses, but by using our coffee premixes for your staff beverages, less time is spent by each employee making his/her coffee. Ultimately more time gets spent doing the necessary work and maximising profit.

Why choose Coffee Premixes?

TPak Distributors will go the extra mile for all our customers based within Kwa-Zulu Natal and Deliver For FREE ( If Your Company Is Based In Kwa-Zulu Natal.) For customers further afield we offer very comparative transportation costs within South Africa.

Our coffee premixes will save you up to 40% on your monthly office expenses and with our professional staff managing your staff beverage orders, your staff consumption will be monitored and kept inline, by ensuring no loss due to over consumtion, theft and pilferage.