Tea Premixes

What are Tea Premixes?

Our pre-packed tea mixes contain a mixture of Powdered Tea, Creamer and Sugar. They are custom packed into your specific sizes, so that there is zero wastage. Whether you are serving 5 or 500 employees, a premixed tea bag can instantly create the exact amount of servings required per tea break.

The simplest staff beverages - "JUST ADD WATER"

Tea Premix Sample with Urn
10lt Tea Premix Sample

Save On Office Expenses

With 25 years experience in supplying staff tea and coffee throughout South Africa, TPak has formulated a system for companies and businesses to benefit from massive monthly savings on staff beverages.

By using our perfectly calculated tea premixes businesses can save up to 40% on monthly office consumables. These savings are implemented in a number of ways by taking advantage of different strategies:

  • Our premixes are calculated bags of tea, sugar and creamer, customized to each client's requirements. These packs contain specifically calculated ingredients to make the required number of servings per tea break, which eliminates over consumption by staff members who tend to take advantage of "free tea".
  • Wastage of ingredients is no longer a factor when making the correct number of tea servings.
  • Pilferage becomes impossible.
  • By using TPak as a supplier of tea premixes, our experienced staff members monitor each client's monthly costs on staff beverages and will suggest additional methods of savings on consumables which is unique to each workplace.

 You simply add a sachet to a boiling kettle and pour it into your cup! It is really just as easy as that!

Why choose Tea Premixes?

Tea premixes are the simplest solution to providing staff with the correct number of tea servings. "SIMPLY ADD WATER". This ellimates time spent by staff members making beverages and leaves more time to concentrate on driving revenue.

  • Our premixes are customised for each client to make the exact number of servings per tea break.
  • Eliminate theft, wastage and pilferage.
  • Save on monthly office consumables.
  • We offer customized delivery times, weekly, bi weekly and monthly to suite each business.

TPak Distributors will go the extra mile for all our customers based within Kwa-Zulu Natal and Deliver For FREE (IF Your Company Is Based In Kwa-Zulu Natal.) For customers further afield we offer very comparative transportation costs within South Africa.