Beverage Staff Ration Packs KZN

Staff Beverage Ration Pack Sample

What are Staff Ration Packs?

Staff Ration Packs are a weekly. biweekly or monthly supply of your individuals staffs beverage supplies, convieniently calculated, packed and delivered to your business. The beverage ration packs can contain an assortment of items such as Coffee, Tea, Creamer, Sugar, Toilet Rolls, Soap and Polish, your choice! By issuing these Ration Packs, your staff are accountable for their own beverages and can use it at work, or even take it home. You will minimal waste, theft, pilferage and way less effort!

Different Types Of Beverage Packs We Supply

Tea Ration Packs

Tea Ration Packs

Tea and Coffee Ration Packs

Tea and Coffee Ration Packs

Coffee Ration Packs

Coffee Ration Packs

Why Should You Choose Staff Ration Packs?

Staff Ration packs are perfect for monthly staff consumable planning and furthermore help prevent theft and pilferage. By Introducing our office Beverage Ration Packs to oversee office supplies and resources, you say farewell to unnecessary costs and hello to savings! No more last minute petty cash dash to your local grocer if you run out of something - it's a certain approach to eliminate burglary and wastage! Staff Beverage Ration Packs for the most part incorporates items, for example, Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Creamer in spite of the fact that with more than 800 things to browse you can modify each pack to suit your worker's inclination and your financial plan. Envision the simplicity of obtaining your monthly staff consumables from one place all online from the solace of your own work area! TPak Distributors will go the additional mile for every one of our clients based inside Kwa-Zulu Natal and Deliver For FREE. For clients facilitated away from home we offer exceptionally relative transportation costs within South Africa.

Save Money

We help control you monthly spend on coffee for staff! Dont overspend.

Save Time

We do the measuring, packing, and delivery right to your door!

Feature Box

You will never imagine how much theft of office supplies there is.