We are a supplier of staff tea and coffee ration packs in KZN

Why choose us as your distributor for ration packs?

All businesses in South Africa are required by law to give their employees Coffee and Tea, so why not save up to 40% on monthly office expenses with TPak Distributors - 25 year Tea and Coffee Company.Tea and Coffee Staff Ration Packs are available in customizable Rations of Coffee, Tea, Sugar and Creamer. Our Tea and Coffee Ration Packs are readily available and easily ordered.

By using Tpak to supply tea and coffee ration packs you can expect peace of mind with each order. Our service remains unmatched with a great track record of perfectly executed deliveries to businesses and companies in KZN with an outstanding ETA on each tea and coffee order.



Save money with staff tea and coffee ration packs.

TPak's Staff Tea and Coffee Ration Packs make it less demanding to track and deal with your office consumables while adequately sparing your business around 40% of costs for each month! Purchasing Tea and Coffee can be a significantly expensive issue for any business, and a representative who is named to supervise the staff consumables could discover it a fairly overwhelming errand. We at TPak expect to make this procedure faster, less demanding and less expensive.

By using Tpak to deliver staff tea and coffee ration packs, you will save valuable time to work on reaching your business goals without the stress of empty tea and coffee cups.

Why choose Tea and Coffee Ration Packs?

We at TPak, as a 25 year Tea and Coffee Company, do every one of the calculations for you, the measure of Tea and Coffee and different items that are required in each pack, per representative. Just appropriate the packs on a general timetable and never stress over wastage, burglary and over consumption again.

Tpak, being a supplier of staff tea and coffee ration packs in KZN offer you and your business an opportunity to save money, increase staff performance and save time restocking your staff beverages.