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Supplying Coffee, Tea, Sugar for over 25 years!

TPAK Distributors is a Tea and Coffee Distributors Company that specializes in Supplying Quality Staff Ration Packs, Beverage PremixesFood Bucket Hampers.

Staff Packs

Staff Packs

Staff Ration Packs are customisable but typically consist of a selection of Tea, Instant Coffee, Sugar, Creamer and or Toilet Paper. We supply quality staff packs that will save you money, order your Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Staff Packs now.



Cater for large groups of Staff with our Coffee, Tea and/or Cocoa Pre-Mixes. Staff Packs are calculated right down to the last spoon of sugar & can be customised to your unique requirements. 

Staff Hampers

Staff Hampers

Staff Food Hampers are customisable Bucket Hampers that can be filled with a variety of food items, snacks, beverages and or sweets. Staff Hampers are also available in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies

We are suppliers of Office Supplies, order your cleaning detergents, office toiletries, Stationary and from us. Buying your Monthly supply of Office Sundries and Kitchen Detergents has never been this easy or convenient.

Our Tea and Coffee Distributors Company in KZN

Save money, time and effort with our selection of quality and cost effective Cocoa, Tea and Coffee Premixes as well as our Bucket Food Hampers. Free delivery within Kwa-Zulu Natal and courier or post to other provinces for a nominal fee.

Instant Cocoa, Tea and Coffee Premixes

What are Premixes you ask? It is simply specially formulated measurements of Cocoa, Tea or Coffee which is when added to a kettle of boiling water. Beverage Premixes are designed for your month-to-month staff needs. Each of our Premixed Beverage Packs contains an assortment of carefully selected and calculated Sugar, Tea, Coffee and Office Supplies that will see your staff through the month with no wastage and no exorbitant costs for office supplies. Our products are high quality ensuring peace of mind and cost saving in one go. What makes more sense than having happy employees? Having a happy balance in your business account! Save anything from 20-40% on costs with our carefully formulated staff packs that are Premixed to your exact requirements.

Monthly Grocery Management

With over 25 years experience in managing Tea, Coffee and Office Supplies as well as other Office consumables for companies throughout South Africa, our company prides itself on excellent service, fair prices and great products. Our aim is to save each of our customers time and money while making your monthly grocery purchasing a pleasant effortless experience. 

Christmas Hampers 

We are suppliers of Christmas Hampers otherwise known as Year-End Hampers or Xmas Hampers. Our Christmas Food Bucket Hampers are the perfect way of thanking your staff by enabling them to save money on their Christmas grocery shopping. The Christmas Hampers are filled with everyday products we all need in our homes which can be used or shared between family and friends, our Year-end Hampers can be tailor-made to suit the needs and preferences of your staff and still be kept to your budget. As we all know the Christmas period can be a very tough time of the year for some as in this economic time, money is tight especially when it is time for Santa to visit!

TPak has done a little research and we have found that if you had to go to your local grocery shop and purchase all the goodies which go into a Christmas Hamper for your staff, you would not only be spending a lot more money per item which goes into your hamper but you would be spending so much time and energy buying the actual items which we can supply you straight to your door…no rushing up every aisle or standing in the check-out line, Order Online today and let us take the stress out of it for you!

Help put back the “Ho, Ho, Ho” into the holidays, open your heart and extend your gratitude to the homes of your employees, after all without them your business would not survive!

Our Business Hours

We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

Monday to Friday: 07:45AM to 16:30PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Phone: 031-940-3021

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For the past 25 years TPAK Distributors has successfully been a supplier of Tea & Coffee through out South Africa to companies big and small, providing Hampers, Pre-Mixes and Staff Packs at the most affordable prices, helping you save up to 20-40% on your costs and making your monthly grocery shopping almost non-existent.

TPAK Distributors will deliver anywhere in KwaZulu-Natal, request a Quote and start saving from the very first click.


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